Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh Canada

Today we give thanks to the all those men and women who sacrificed their lives so we could have freedom in our country.  I am a very thankful Canadian today among millions of others who pay tribute to those who have fallen in order to secure our safety and freedom.  Thank you.

Today I am also thankful that I found my creative person this weekend.  Where was she?? I have no idea but I am sure glad to have her back. Sometimes I think we get ourselves into this mundane state of just living day to day but it takes something little that snaps us out of it and for me it was watching Christy Tomlinson's You tube video from 2011 and her Christmas canvases.  Wow, now that gal is inspiring.  I have always been so focused on making sure everything was perfect and lined up a certain way and that I drew between the lines.  Throw that out the window!!!!  Art is not about perfection.  Art is about letting your freaky creative self fly and boy did I ever .. WOO HOO!!!  Yes I am quite excited about what I accomplished as you will see in my upcoming posts.

For the time being I wanted to share a special project I worked on about a year ago. Today is a perfect day to launch this beauty out into the world because I am a proud Canadian.  So here she is:

My ode to Canada chipboard book

As always my main source of inspiration on this piece was the master works of Tim Holtz.  I mean how can you not be inspired by that man.  He does it like no other.

Front page:

All these cut out were from the Canada Cricut cartridge.  The double page "Canada" spread as you can see had a gazillion (well maybe not quite that many but it seemed that way) little pieces of all the little pieces of land up north.  Yes I glued those on all individually by hand, it did not come on a magic little piece of paper that I just stuck down .. ha ha.  That by far was the most challenging.  99.9% of the paper is from one of Tim Holtz paper packs.

I'm so proud of this project and it has a special little place on the coffee table in my living room.  As was the purpose for me creating it.

Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did making it.


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