Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New to me

Although my main interests focus on art/scrapbooking I have always had a passion for furniture.  I see an old piece of furniture that needs some love and I can't help but want to take it home with me. Over the past year I have worked on a few pieces of furniture but my latest accomplishments were two night stands I picked up at a recycling sale at our local college.  I love the idea of having a trunk show in a parking lot where you can bring your previously loved pieces for someone to love some more.

I picked up two of these beauties and saw a lot of potential even though they were pretty beat up.

My first step was to give them a good wipe down.  Cobwebs, dust and dirt looked as though it had lived on these for a while.  After they had time to dry from the moisture of wiping them down I then prepped them by sanding them with a low grit sand paper.  I removed the handles from the drawers.  After they were sanded I gave them another wipe down to remove any sanding particles.  I purchased a very good quality furniture paint from Rona.  The colour I chose (if you can call it a colour) was a standard white.  I wanted these to fit into any decor as I tend to change out my colour scheme quite often. 

 This picture was after the first coat of paint.  I gave these two good coats of paint.

Here is the finished product.  Although it may not look like a lot of change from start to finish believe me it was a big change.  No more rough spots, everything was nice and smooth and a solid white.

I'm contemplating replacing the drawer pulls as these were the original ones that were brass and I just painted over them.  I'm thinking a clear crystal knob would look quite nice and glam them up a bit!

Anyhoo, one job down and about 3 more pieces to finish.  I will keep posting them as I complete them but it may not be for some time as I have to get back at my altered art canvases.  So much to do, so little time.  I also work full time during the day so trying to squeeze this all in can be a bit challenging :)

My dream is to one day own a scrapbooking store and do furniture refinishing on the side.  Big dreams I know but I will get there :)


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