Monday, November 11, 2013

Grand finale - Part 4 - Canvas, canvas, and more canvas

Pwepf ... I am quite tired at this point.  Between all this blogging and all my creativeness it was quite a weekend.   Next ......... ha ha ha.  I am actually quite rejuvenated after this wonderfully fabulous weekend.  Did I mention I had a great creative weekend??? Okay I know enough  ...

So here is my grand finale items which I am so immensely proud of.  As of late I felt that my canvases were a bit lackluster, so to speak.  Today though I feel so inspired and I cannot wait to do more.

These are 3 little mini canvases 4 x 4 inch plus one wood block sign.  #1 and #2 I used a tissue paper background.  #3 and #4 I used napkins I purchased from SuperStore.  You may be able to see that they are a chevron pattern which as you know from my previous post is my favorite print.  I just have to say that napkins work fabulous for backgrounds you just have to be careful when applying so that they don't rip.

Other methods I used: Stenciling, stamping, embossing, and smudging with gelatos.

Happy viewing .. hope that these help to inspire you as much as they did me.


#1 - Poinsettia

#2 - Oh Christmas Tree

#3 - When pigs fly

#4 - Merry Christmas

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