Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm on a roll ......

The inspiration continues and I am so thankful that today I had a few moments to continue on this crazy creative journey I am on!

For those people that know me and those who are new to my blog I have to say that I'm a bit of a snow worshiper. It's fluffy, it's pretty in its original form and best of all you get to do really fun things with it like getting right in it and creating a wonderful snowman.  Thus is the inspiration for my canvas today.

I have to thank the fabulous Charmagne Gibb, whom I took a mixed media class from, for the great idea for the snowman.  She taught us to create little rosette flowers with cheese cloth and when I decided to make the snowman I knew I needed something circular and white. Perfect!!! All you do is take long skinny strips of cheese cloth and twist it. Once it is twisted you lay down Mod lodge on the canvas and then lay the cheesecloth down in a circular pattern.

The snow at the bottom of the canvas was created by cutting out a piece of cheese cloth and laying it down on the canvas.  I then added molding paste over top to set it down.  I went back after and added a little blue to the molding paste to create a bit of movement in the snow.

Thank you for stopping by!

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