Sunday, May 15, 2016

Did someone say Alcohol??

I hope that title grabbed you because I do like to add a little excitement to my posts and while I'm not referring to the drinking kind of alcohol I am using a different type on today's card.

I am constantly absorbing new, or new to me, ideas on how to create WOW cards and for today's post this is definitely a fun new way to look at backgrounds for your cards.  In reality it's like I am creating my own paper which is so much fun!  If you know me you know I like to have fun, especially if it's when I am creating cards. The full instructions on how to create this gorgeous alcohol ink background can be found at the bottom.  Enjoy and please feel free to drop me a comment at the bottom.

The stamps you see on the forefront of the card are by Altenew and it's their Beautiful day set.  I love this set because it offers so many possibilities for stamping.  The stamps are a layered type of stamp but as you can see I only used the final layer of the stamps which is the outline.

Other supplies used:
Copper embossing powder (I prefer Rangers powders but you can use any powder you like)
Versamark embossing ink pad
Bazzil cardstock
Brads (Any colour will do as you can just emboss them with the copper embossing powder to adapt them to your colour scheme)
May Arts ribbon
Foam mounting tape

Alcohol background technique
The supply list for the background is quite small:
Alcohol (like the rubbing kind - first aid) 90% or above.
Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks
Ranger Archival Ink Re-inkers
Palette Knife
Ranger Specialty stamping paper

1. Cut your paper to the desired size
2. Generously drop the alcohol onto your paper.  No need to cover the whole paper completely just large drops here and there.  It works easier if you put the alcohol into a smaller bottle before dropping onto the page or you can also use a eye dropper type of device.
3. Drop 1 to 2 drops of the chosen colours (I use 3 colours and then a metal ink like copper) of either Archival or alcohol inks onto the paper.
4. Using your palette knife (kind of like spreading butter) spread your ink/alcohol throughout the paper.  Do not spread it too much as you want the colours to be blended but not so much that you end up with one colour.  It's also okay to leave white areas as this adds interest.
5. Put it aside to dry and that's it.  It really is that easy.

Once it is dried, which depends on how much ink you've added, you can then embellish as desired.

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