Monday, February 8, 2016

The Daily Marker 30 day challenge - Week one recap (Day 4 Part 1)

Hi all today I'm on Day 4 of The Daily Marker 30 day challenge and today is crazy bird day!!

Tim Holtz Bird Crazy literally went crazy last year when they were launched and I jumped right on that crazy train!!! Hard not to with these little birds. Today is about good old coloring! I like to think outside the box when it comes to these birds and last year I created an ATC with my Bee Bird and he is little Mr. Popular on Pinterest! (87 pins and counting) Who knew that he would create his own following?? Not me! Here his pin! and he is also on a previous blog post.

Here is my Christmas dude I made for on top of my Mason Jar snow globe.

Anyhoo it's easy to get sidetracked with these cute little dudes so here is my Day 4 coloring for the challenge inspired by my Bee Bird!

Supplies: Tim Holtz Bird crazy stamps, Strathmore Watercolor paper, Tim Holtz Distress Markers, Watercolor brush! 

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