Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's a "Tarty" Christmas

My full on obsession for everything plaid and tartan spilled over into my crafty fun last night. I had purchased this plaid material from my local Fabricland about a month ago when they had their grand opening. Brett Wilson was there as he is an owner/part owner? Of the new revamped mall. I went there mostly to meet him and chickened out. That's a whole nother story!!! Anyhoo ... I had other plans for this material but had this brilliant idea to make a ornament with it. All I did was cut a 10 x 10 inch piece of it, wrapped it around a foam ball (Dollarama arts and crafts section) and gathered it around the ball tightly. Tied some various ribbons, a bow and a jingle bell around the middle area and voila! A tarty Christmas ornament. My one boo boo is I should have inserted a piece of twine into the ball for hanging, PRIOR, to wrapping the fabric around it. 

I'm going to do a small tutorial on this tomorrow so stay tuned but for now here she is! Next year full on plaid decorated tree!! 

Happy holidays from me to you.

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